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Lightening the Load of Rehab


FocusPTF doesn’t take physical therapy lightly, but we know when to lighten up. And thanks to our new AlterG ® Anti-Gravity Treadmill, our patients now have access to unique, ground-breaking treatment approach that unweights the body, allowing our patients to experience pain-free rehab.

The AlterG treadmill gently "lifts" patients, allowing users to move, whether for therapy or conditioning, at as little as 20% of their bodyweight. Once-painful movements become much more accessible. Treatment progress improves with much less discomfort, much greater ease.

For people contending with painful conditions in their lower body -- hips, ankles, knees, feet -- the AlterG literally lowers your weight during treatment, like walking on the moon, which means faster, safer recovery.

Defy Gravity and Get Back in Action

Whether recovering from a sports injury, strengthening the body after surgery, or easing in to aerobic conditioning, the AlterG is proving to be a revelation. As it lightens the load your body has to carry, you can concentrate on maintaining a comfortable, natural stride -- essential for healthy healing and protection of sensitive soft tissues.


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The AlterG is already an indispensable part of rehab and conditioning treatment at top facilities, including Johns Hopkins Hospital and National Rehab Hospitals. Pro teams such as the New York Giants and Chicago Bulls are also singing its praises. And locally, our AlterG is already making headlines!

Whether you’re looking for a competitive edge, want to speed up recovery, or need a super-safe means to exercise, the AlterG is must-try technology.

Call 803-746-4655 to set up an appointment and experience this amazing machine for yourself. And for a limited time, use this coupon for 10 minutes FREE on the AlterG!



Our Client's Story


"An amazing group of people who truly care about your recovery. It's literally 'hands-on therapy until you get back on your feet.' I've told all my Charlotte doctors about FocusPTF and they will be sending me here for recovery.”

Cindy Altieri - Charlotte, NC

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